Meet The Team

Gary Russell – Salon Director

Hairdressing has always been a passion of mine. I never cease to be amazed by the things we can do with such a fantastic material, or how much we can change a persons entire look and make them feel like they are walking the catwalks of Paris or Milan.


As an innovator I have always looked outside of the hairdressing industry; iconic fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen provide some of my greatest inspiration.  They use the finest fabrics, then cut the material to fit the body elegantly and imaginatively – much as I cut and colour hair to create a look that is unique to every guest.


Over the course of my career I worked with a leading International hair company and became their Art Director. After moving on from that role I became the director and leader of another successful brand; running four salons as well as being a leader in business and education.


I have had incredible opportunities to develop my artistic side whilst working as a global Artist for a mainstream product and colour house. Traveling and working on shows with audiences of up to 10,000 people in Vegas, New York and many more along with being behind the scenes at fashion weeks and many major magazine photo shoots.


I have enjoyed every minute of my career so far and am always looking for a new adventure or challenge hence my decision to head up The Hair Movement Salon. Everything is all about the person in my chair and there is no better feeling than making somebody feel good!

Shen Sherif – Senior Stylist

Ever since I gave my Barbie a short back and sides (don’t worry I’ve improved since then) my passion has been hairdressing. With more than 25 years of salon experience, working my way up from trainee to salon management level, has allowed me to develop a well rounded skill set. In addition to my experience and passion, I have a solid educational foundation and skill set to best work with you and your hair ensuring you look fabulous!


My artistic creativity was first acknowledged at of 23 when I competed against stylists from all over the country and won the prestigious young trendsetter award for my colour technique and fashion forward cutting skills. Upon winning this award I decided to continue down the creative hairdressing route which allowed me to work on exciting projects such as; The Clothes Show Live, advertising campaigns and design and create hair styles used for makeover sections for various hair magazines.


My specialties include classical, avant-garde, various colour techniques and beautiful hair up styles; I carefully balance precision, movement and texture for each and every guest that sits in my chair. Thank you for taking the time out by reading a little of what I love to do and I look forward to seeing you at The Hair Movement!

Samantha Taylor – Senior Stylist

Successful Salons are built on people. I am a Stylist with a dynamic personality that brings guests into the Salon for more than just a haircut!


Building confidence and loyalty is key to creating a unique experience for all of my guests and ensuring you are strutting out the door feeling fabulous and loving your hair. I work to tailor my approach to each person, listen to their exact desires and work with them to create their perfect look!


Over my 27 years in the industry I have gained qualifications in both practice and teaching, working my way up from a junior apprentice to managing my own thriving salon for a major international brand!


It was along this journey I developed a real passion for colour – from timeless balayage to vibrant statement looks!


In 2015, I teamed up with international hair brand Schwarzkopf for the launch of their new white, grey blonde campaign. This enabled me to delve into a whole new world of colour which I could then bring to my clients! You never stop learning and developing your skills as a colourist or a stylist which is why I am so excited to be working with a game changing innovative brand like The Hair Movement! I can’t wait to bring my skills and expertise to their new Salon and the people of Sidcup! Hope to see you soon!

Victoria Clancey –  Stylist

My love for hairdressing began during my time studying at London College of Fashion. Once qualified,  I took my passion for hair to a top London Salon where I worked for 11 years, developing my skills and learning the inside outs of the industry.  Over my career I have had the opportunity to work on both fashion shoots and catwalk along with venturing into personal photographic projects.


Hair is truly a passion for me, seeing new trends that appear on the street and on the catwalk keep my ideas and styles fresh.


When working with hair my main inspiration is always my guests. It is so important to achieve a look that suits my guest’s hair, lifestyle, personality and look. Collaborating with my guests to create a look that makes them feel good is key.


Whether you would like to sit and read a magazine or have a good chat, I am happy to let you take the lead so you are relaxed and comfortable while I perfect your look.  I am always happy to talk hair and enjoy giving my guests any advice that will help them look after their hair at home.  Please just ask away!

Kim Moore –  Stylist

Kim is an expert in all aspects of hair-styling and is a qualified assessor, honing her skills for the past twenty years.  She was inspired by her dad, who is a barber, to get into the hair industry.  What keeps Kim happy on a daily basis is her No.1 passion.  People.  She creates lasting relationships with her clients, some of whom are still with her since she began her career in hair twenty years ago.  Don’t let that deter you though.  She still loves creating beautiful hair and forging relationships with new clients too.


‘To be someone’s chosen stylist is a big deal.  You get to spend a lot of time together over the years, and you really get to know them and their lives.  If I can help make them more confident and happier to take on life’s challenges, then I’m happy.’


Style is ever-changing, and people do the same.  Kim believes your hair should follow suit.  ‘You change your wardrobe with the seasons.  You change your shade of lipstick depending on your mood.  I am a firm believer that you should treat your hair in the same way.  I work with my clients to create amazing hair that reflects them as a person, changing as they change, but always looking beautiful.  It really makes my day worthwhile seeing them leave the salon with confidence to be their best self.’